About Us

After four years of product design and testing, the Ecotrap was launched in February 2002. Our aim is to provide an humane alternative to traditional trapping methods and to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Unlike other animal traps, the Ecotrap relies on entanglement to trap the feral or native animals, rather than the jaw-clamp, snare or solid metal cage. The Ecotrap comprises a flexible metal frame and netting and/or bag which collapses over the animal when triggered. This trap at 4.5kg is lightweight, and stackable. Each trap collapses to a minimum height of 10cm.

The Ecotrap is humane too, which means that native animals remain unharmed. Unlike other traps, the Ecotrap is soft walled and the frame loses tension as it collapses, so the trapped animal is unlikely to be injured. The Ecotrap is easy to camouflage, with no floor and only one wall being visible when set in position. The bag and netting are removable and replaceable.

The Ecotrap has been used to trap feral and domestic dogs and cats, birds, rabbits, bandicoots, wallabies and possums. The Ecotrap is ideal for use in urban as well as rural areas as it is more effective and safer than the traps and cages currently in general use.

The RSPCA Victoria supports the use and further development of the Ecotrap, believing it to be humane and efficient.   The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australia has been instrumental in providing funding for the further development of the Ecotrap product range.
What clients say...

David Baker
City of Casey

Having seen the Ecotrap in operation, I was most impressed with the ease of set up, the excellent manner in which it an be camouflaged and the humane method in which animals are captured.

Mike Taylor
Shire of Yarra Ranges

Following our recent purchase of your trap, we have found it to be one of the most innovative of all the animal traps that we have used.

BJ McFadden
Parks Victoria

They were able to capture one of the major resident feral cats that had eluded all other forms of trapping and baiting attempts.